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Signs & Engraving

We now make custom made signs and Engraving.

We use the state of the art Hand Held CNC Machine so we can engrave any wood any size, signs, table tops, bar tops, desks, any wooden furniture, wooden floors and lots more.

Being a hand held CNC we can bring this to a place of work or home to engrave or inlay large items and wooden floors.

Hand Held CNC

Handheld precision routing. We can work with unparalleled accuracy, flexibility and efficiency.

We can bring the CNC to the job, not the other way around. Origin’s location tracking system lets us work anywhere at almost any scale. Tackle large inlay projects right on the jobsite.

Here is a few examples of inlay designs 

Family is the heart of our Home

This is a Live Edge Chestnut & Gunship Grey Resin Sign with V carved engraving.

FOR SALE £80.00

Man Cave

This is a Live Edge Chestnut & Black resin sign.

FOR SALE £80.00

Dads Shed Keep Out

This is a Live Edge Yew Sign with V carved Dads Shed engraving.

Dads Shed

This is a Live Edge Yew and Blue resin sign.

FOR SALE £60.00

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